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Frequently Asked Questions

What are LuxPress Nails?

LuxPress Nails are luxury press ons for anyone who is on the go or stuck at home, anyone who keeps it simple or likes it extravagant or who wants to have options in terms of nail wear- you get salon quality designs for a fraction of the cost! These press ons are durable, lasting, fabulous, and reusable!

How do I apply the nails? How long do they last?

LuxPress Nails can be applied with any professional nail glue or by using adhesive nails tabs. We offer both! Add either nail glue or adhesive tabs to your cart from the SHOP page.

With nail glue and prepping, nails may last between 1-2 weeks, depending on the care of wear. Adhesive tabs are for day-to-day wear and will need to be replaced after a few applications.

How do I place an order?

The first step is ordering a sizing kit in your desired nail shape! Once you receive the kit and measure yourself, you're good to order. Visit our SHOP page to purchase a sizing kit and browse designs and colors available for your next LuxPress Set.

How do I customize my LuxPress Nails?

Customize your LuxPress Set by either changing aspects of our pre-designed sets via shape/top coat (if available) OR send us an e-mail/leave us a message on the site for a quote on your original design idea on our CONTACT page.

You can also e-mail me if you have questions about or want to make changes to the pre-designed sets that are featured on the Shop page (i.e. switch accent nails, add design, etc.)

How long is this process?

Processing time for sizing kits or an order of a prep kit/glue : 1-2 days added to the shipping timeframe. 

Processing time for press ons : 1-5 days added to the shipping timeframe. 

What are the shipping options?

Our standard shipping option is through USPS First Class Mail; delivery within 2-5 business days: $5 (shipping+handling)

Our express shipping option is through USPS Priority Mail; delivery within 1-3 business days: $10 (shipping+handling)

FREE Shipping for orders under $5 and over $80 

**Free shipping is USPS First Class Mail

**Order overs $80 may choose priority shipping for a discounted rate of $3

How do I remove the nails?

If the nails have been glued on, soaking in warm water for about 20-30 minutes will loosen the adhesive and you will be able to reuse the set. You can add soap, epsom salt, or essential oils to the water for an enhanced experience. Adhesive tabs are day-to-day wear, simply pull down on the tip of the nails to release the press on from the natural nail and replace the tabs as they lose their grip. 

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