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Let's find your style!

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*You must order a sizing kit in your desired shape first AND have your measurements BEFORE you order any set on the SHOP page*

How To Get Started:

Step 1:

 Order a sizing kit in the nail shape(s) of your choice. Measure your nails. 

Step 2:

Order from the colors and/or pre-designed sets on our Shop page.


[Don't forget to order nail glue or adhesive tabs for application!]

Step 3:

Rock your LuxPress Nails!

Refer To These Videos!

How To Measure Your Nails

How To Prep Your Nails



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Marble Surface

The Face Behind the Sets

Hi! My name is Rebecca and I am a young artist from Maryland with a

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and Choreography.  

As a child, I kept long nails and carried a manicure set at all times.

I would paint flowers on my nails and give myself stylistic French tips.

Year 2020 gave me the opportunity to turn this hobby into a part-time job

as I  find my place in the world of art and continue my study in dance.

LuxPress Nails is a luxury press on brand (not your grandma's press on!) 

These nails are durable, salon-design quality, long lasting, and fabulous!

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